What categories of construction does Toggle serve?

Toggle offers technology driven rebar fabrication services to urban, energy and infrastructure scale projects.

What are your pre-tying (cage assembly) capabilities?

We are currently pre-tying cage sizes up to 25’ max length. Please contact us to discuss project needs.

Do you bring robots onto construction sites?

No. Toggle focuses exclusively on factory pre-fabrication. Our approach is to move complexity off the construction site and into a safe and controlled environment (e.g. our factory) to manufacture rebar components using our state of the art technology and processes.

Is your technology patented?

Yes. Toggle has a patent pending for both system and process innovations that are part of our full stack solution. Toggle has created new technology spanning hardware, software and processes.

How does Toggle fit into the construction value chain?

Toggle is a supplier of fabricated rebar and pre-assembled (pre-tied) rebar cages. Our customers are typically concrete companies and other contractors who buy rebar. In some cases we may partner with developers or general contractors who would like to utilize our products and services across their entire construction portfolio.

How do you get your product to the construction site?

We deliver fabricated rebar and pre-tied cages by truck up to 300 miles from our facility in Brooklyn, NY.

Is your system fully automated?

No. Our objective is to make labor practices safer and more productive. Our system focuses the robotics on lifting, placement and other physically difficult tasks and integrates with people who can focus on jobs involving specialized skills.

What is Toggle’s history?

Toggle was founded in 2016 by Daniel Blank and Ian Cohen and was originally focused on automation solutions for the construction of industrial scale wind energy.