Construction robotics

Toggle is building new technology to increase safety, efficiency and productivity for the world’s most ubiquitous building material: reinforced concrete.


Concrete reinforced with steel is the basic building block for large scale construction.

Toggle’s full stack robotics and automation solution for rebar fabrication and assembly multiplies labor productivity by 2x and increases overall production 5x over traditional assembly methods. Our mission is to develop technology for the construction industry that will bring a new level of safety, efficiency and precision to the production of critical construction components.


How we use robotics and automation

Toggle is reinventing the  fabrication and assembly of rebar for reinforced concrete through a completely digital production process .


Experienced Team
Our team brings together decades of experience in construction, manufacturing and robotics. 


Specialized Tools
Toggle has developed robotic material handling, and assembly tools for construction applications. 


Digital Workflow
Our software provides an integrated user experience from CAD detail through production and delivery. 


Efficient Processes
Process can have an enormous impact on cost, Toggle’s processes are patent pending. 






Toggle supplies fabricated rebar to urban and civil infrastructure construction projects for use in pour in place as well as precast reinforced concrete products.


Assembly (cage pre-tying)

Toggle provides cage pre-tying as a service and will supply fully assembled cages onsite or to customers’ manufacturing facilities on-demand.